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JULY 16, 2019


GoodFood Australia's Nina Rousseau talks about Lankan Tucker’s fresh spin on bringing Sri Lankan cuisine to the country. Lankan Tucker’s menu is an evolution of tried and tested bestseller dishes, such as the deep-fried Roti Chips with chilli, paprika, & lime, and the massively popular Kotthu Roti, a Sri Lankan street food staple of wok-tossed shredded roti, curry, and vegetables.

Nerissa Jayasingha and Hiran Kroon reinvigorate Sri Lankan food in the Melbourne brunch scene, as well as educate everyone more about Sri Lanka's culture through the food they serve. They’ve also launched Supiri Soulfoods - a food pickup and delivery service, thus, bringing Sri Lankan food closer to everyone, especially Aussie-born Sri Lankans, in Melbourne.

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JUNE 10, 2019

Lankan Tucker was picked as one of the best cheap eats in Melbourne!

Sri Lankan food has not had its day in Melbourne yet, but we reckon Lankan Tucker is going to start a 'thing.' Hoppers – a fermented rice and coconut bowl-shaped crepe – come with a runny egg cooked in its centre alongside coconut, onion and parsley sambols which provide crunch and freshness. Urad lentil pancakes or a kotthu roti are more substantial choices if you prefer your breakfast to stick to your guts.


By Lewis Fischer
JULY 28, 2016

LAnkan TuckEr : This Brunswick West cafe proves there’s much more to Sri Lankan food than just rice and curry

With a rich history of Portuguese, English and Dutch settlement on the island nation of Sri Lanka, it's only natural that the country's national cuisine is incredibly diverse. There's much more to Sri Lankan food than just rice and curries, and this is just what the pair behind Lankan Tucker are out to prove.


By Audrey Bourget

A Melbourne couple is proving that there is more to Sri Lankan cuisine than just curry and rice.

“Five years ago, when we started, people didn’t know much about Sri Lanka – but now every other customer has booked a flight to go surf there, or has been there on vacation," says Nerissa Jayasingha, co-owner of Lankan Tucker. "It’s a huge change in the way Sri Lanka is recognised.”


By Victoria Khroundina
December 14, 2018

This cosy Brunswick café brings some Sri Lankan heat to your brunch game

It doesn’t surprise us that multicultural Melbourne houses one of the largest Sri Lankan diasporas in the world. What is surprising is that this hasn’t manifested in plenty of places to eat a decent hopper – a bowl-shaped crepe made from fermented rice batter and coconut milk, and the Sri Lankan breakfast of choice.


Hiran Kroon (L) with Nerissa Jayasingha, Lankan Tucker, Brunswick West – doing business in Moreland since 2016

“Moreland has a vibrant range of businesses and plenty of culture pumping through its veins”

“We're excited to introduce Sri Lankan food to this part of Melbourne, and show people that it isn't all spicy curries!. We like that the community loves trying new things. They bring their families and friends along and really help spread the word.”